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Happy, chilly Monday.

But i do think our 90 degree days are making a come back in a few weeks, you know, about the time the kids return to school.
Today i have a lot of little things to do. But i also have an Dr. appointment. YAY me.  Why are all the medical offices located on another plantet?  or so it seems.  Before, i could walk down 3 blocks, catch a bus, go 2 miles , get off and cross the street. presto: right at the Dr. office. Now......I'll have to check the plane schedule.
I think i may have a convert at hand. Rich visits me quick often and when he does, I'm not watching network TV, I'm involved with Bestheda's Role playing game, "Skyrim". Well, last night he asked me what version he should get. YAY. I've got another one.  should be interesting to see how well he gets along with the game.
More to come.
ok, I'm off