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cool, soggy Tuesday is finally here.

Big deal!  storms my cats paws. Ha, I had to turn the porch light on to see if it was raining. no lightening or thunder. "What kind of thunder storm was this?"  Well at lease Sir Paul was here last night. did a almost 3 hour concert. Good for him.  wish his mates could have performed too. George, Ringo and John. wow, what a concert that would have been!
So today is the end of the olympics ( i hope i hope) and of course, laundry. YAY. well, if i want a clean shirt, i'll do the laundry today.
i guess fall is right around the corner. the temps are on a downward slide for the rest of this week. I am definetly not ready for fall. Winter yes, fall no. leave's to pick up and all.
ok, back to my morning coffee....yum. that always hits the spot.
I'm off


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Aug. 16th, 2016 03:22 pm (UTC)

I'd like a bit of rain this way, but none in sight. Daughter #2 went to see Paul last Saturday. Said she had a hard time getting into it.

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