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Professor Gizmo?? beep beep??  oh well. some will remember it. I do. it's from a wonderful time in my life. when i was a "little kid". ah....But back to reality.  we've got a nice, cool, pleasent Sunday. maybe rain, but not likely ( this is what our weather Prognosticator said just  a while ago) another lazy Sunday. but thats ok. I called some old friends and had a nice visitor from my neighbor.  YAY. I watched nothing on TV. I feel good for it too.  I did get entailed into "SkyRim", but thats to be expected.  I wonder when Fallout 4 will be availible for the PS-3 or 4. I have a feeling, ps-4 only. nuts.  Thats a lot of work making a game for another motherboard!
I also, through tears and sobbing, made out my utility bills last night. Just think of all the neat stuff i could buy if i didn't pay my bills!!  But I'm a good doo-bee......yuck.
ok, I'm off