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Happy Saturday.

and it is supposed to become rainy too. Yay. Got most of my work done this past week, so I can watch 400 channels of .....nothing.
Cable TV simply is a dumping ground of shopping channels and police stories.  If i see one more shark movie made for the Sci Fi channel, I'll spit.  Thank goodness for "Skyrim". But it is repeating a lot of the quests, I'll have to try another quest.
I do have some things to do today, like read my newspapers and see whats been going on in the rest of the world.  i suppose cleaning would be the thing to do too. I got the lab work from the emergency room back: i'm healthy and no sign of pneumonia.????  SO much for getting stomach acid in your lungs, huh.
Ok, i hear a cat calling me.
I'm off