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But, it feels nice. So after visiting the Emergency room Wednesday night, Thursday, I made up for the time off.  I mowed the lawn, swept the sidewalk and gutter. raked the driveway and washed the sidewalk down. Yay me. and then, two loads of stinky clothes. Yuck. sweating in the summer sure has its own pleasent aroma. yuckie poo.
Then last night, i watched the DNC convention and was amazed at how well it went off.  Not like the RND. it was very heart warming to see and hear all those people tell their tales.
Now, today i can celebrate: i've officially loss 50 or 60 lbs!!  Yay me. You know what that means??  Yes, my old jeans and shirts fall off me. i have to get new stuff. and here it is, property tax time...I tell you, if it aint one thing......
ok, It's TGIF. Go enjoy the cool weekend.
I'm off