Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

well, it's still SeaWasp's Birthday, but he's a day older...

So, here we are, sitting prisoners in our AC bedroom. I already went outside to roll out the garbage cart. big mistake. at 9:45AM it is hard to breathe this hot, humid air. yuck. but never fear, we only have 12 days left of this stuff.  and the days are getting shorter. YAY. Bring on the Reindeer and Samoyed herding them.
ah. We almost slept in today, but somebody had to strench out  the lengh of their body.
Tomorrow is grocery day and also get Papermate profile pens. seems i'm too friendly with giving my pens to others. So now, I'm almost out.  I like these pens because they last and last and last....
Well, i have half of my upgraded radio system. this is the hard part: desiding on what is the best antenna for my needs.
so more later. its too hot to talk ham radio.
ok, I'm off ( really!)

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