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Here comes the "HEAT" & "Humidity".

oh boy. the only thing i hate about summer is feeling like I'm a prisoner in my own home.  being stuck in an AC room with a cat for a while drives me nuts. ( not so much with Samoyed pooches- They can play anywhere and snooze anywhere).
So, today I looked over paint and wow. talk about doubling in price. wow. but once every few years is ok.
I just don't know if i can do painting in this nasty heated weather.  have to wait and see.
"What to eat on a hot day?"  mellons, watermellow , beefstake tomato's.  ice cubes!!!
more later. one thing I'm not going to do is watch the GOP thing-a-ma-jig. yuck.  I'd get more excitement watching scooter the cat snooze....
ok, i'm off