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windowed shopped panties. (????)    He just gets better with age!  I think I might re-watch the entire Dragonball series. it puts something nice on the old TV screen instead of the DONALD.
So day two of 90 degrees with dew points in the low 70's. yuck.  I hate living in an AC room in the summer time. I want to go back on my porch and sit in the rocking chair and talk with the birds and squrriels while my neighbors look around for who i'm talking with.  Just open your eyes. Nature has provided oodles of opportunities for you to become adventurous with critters. Oh, don't forget to thank "GOD" for creating all that we have.
So today, i will not be mowing the lawn. I'd melt. oh well. nuts. i had all these our door plans on cleaning things up.  it will wait. i bet it will still be there when this hot non-sense leaves.  oh, we've lost another 2 minutes in sun light. just thought I'd mention that.
OK, I"M OFF  ( really, it feels like that some times)