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soggy Monday. and dark too. lightening, thunder and one scared kitty kat. ( ok, me too)  it got so dark inside, i thought I had really over slept, like 10 hours.
So, here we be, on a sunny Tuesday, with nothing to stop me from mowing the lawn.  Drats! ok I'll do it.
I've decided i should not watch TV news. it's bad for my health. I get way too upset with people acting foolish and showing off their ignorance. They're almost proud of it???
On the new anime front, i found a new series I really like. Miraculos and Ladybug and Cat noir.  well, its new to me. I wonder what the new Ghost in the shell movie is like. I haven't heard anybody comment on it so far..
well, time to get with it. I've so much to do. this week is recycle - trash and yard waste collection week. three carts sitting outside. like a parade of carts??
I'm off


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Jul. 12th, 2016 02:17 pm (UTC)
That's either "Master Roshi" in English, or Mutenroshi Kame-Senin in Japanese (Usually called Kame-Senin, the Turtle Hermit). Seen being badass in my icon there.
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