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Well, it only took 2 hours, but I got the error figured out and now, after restoring to an earlier version, my computer is working once again. There was a tad more to it than that, but Nuts to WIndows 10. Give me Windows 7 any day of the week. at least it wasn't the lap top itself.
So, after doing all that non-sense, i went out and cut the branches that I had wanted to get rid of for years. wow, it took about 3 days to do it. so many limbs to saw. but its done and now, after my neighbor cut down my weeds, I may mow the lawn. this may be the only day i will be able to do so. we're back in the furnace once again. and just a tad of rain in sight.
so on quiet Sunday, i may be making noise, but a good noise.
Enjoy the summer, we're losing minutes per day now that the Summer Equinox has passed....
ok, I'm off