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Here comes the sun, indeed.....

how about 90 plus degrees days with dew points of 60 something.  YAY. it's the official summer time blues.
I'm a tired boy today. we had our neighborhood fireworks display go on and on and on......for about 4 hours. Where ever do they get their money for all that stuff??
So, I decided to watch an educational film.   "Kronos"  from 1957. ah, there's nothing like watching a glorious monochrome movie on a 1081 HD TV with Doby 5.2. what a kick. and the use of animation with real live ( I think they were live?) actors was a hoot.
BUt it was a busy day. i moved a 2 drawer cabinet out and slid in a 4 drawer filing cabinet.  took me about 3 hours. Not to move the thing, but to clear out all the stuff I've kept over the years. I guess i am a pack rat. YAY ME.
Now today, i get to take my last peek outside before the nasty humid-hot weather sets in. yuck. good thing i have a nice front porch to park myself on.
well, Happy 4th of July.
I'm off