Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

hey, Junes gone. That means it must be..........." July" YAY us.

Well, June went out with a bang.  I got sick. GERD. and how. But, after sweating it out last night I'm much better.
I feel good. fed the animals, outdoors and indoors. changed the litter box. Held tired sleepy time kitty.  What is it with cats?? do they always want to nap through the day?
i'm even getting ready to water the lawn.  spending all that time and money to fix a lawn mower and then watch the lawn turn brown  doesn't make much sense.
i even paid the comcast bill. now am i a good boy or what?
So, TGIF is here and also , "THE FOURTH OF JULY".  Don't get burned. play safely.
Ok, I'm off

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