Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

See, I'm smiling.

Yes, I corrected Mr.Computer problems. YAY me. and all i had to do was format and LOSE everything on my harddrive. YAY- Boo Hoo.
But, it does feel nice to be able to use "Thor" once again.  "Thor" is the name i gave this series of computers.  I called them "Zero" and then numbered them "Zero- 1 through 2". Yay me.
I braved the 89 degree weather and walked the tiring distance of 4 blocks ( how did i ever accomplish this?) and got a brush cat. YAY.
Then i got thinking, while drinking coffee on my front porch, what a bunch of idiots those knucle heads in England were to leave the EU. The damage is just starting to show its head.
ok, it's cold tuesday. pizza or spaghette????
ok, I'm off. ( my rocker!)

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