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Yeahs....its snowing to beat the band....

Oh boy. get the sleds out.. start making hot chocolate. It's like 17 degrees right now and snowing. It may keep this up through Wednesday or Thursday. Yeahs....
Gee. I'm happier than a pig rolling around in mud. Gosh, all I'd need now is a RC coke cola and a Moonpie and life would be complete. ok, settle down now. Well, I discovered that I'm not ignorant, about DVD players, they just have a lot of crap on the market now. I read the Consumer Reports on DVD players. I almost made a purchase based on their reviews. But I thought.....naw...I moseyed over to amazon and read the actual reviews as posted by folks who had purchased some of these units. Wow. The most expensive JVC DVD ($179.95) and it has trouble playing long movies, like Lord of the Rings???? this was reported by more than one person. so.......I was also going to buy what my brothers friend has, a Samsung, only to find out he is now having the same trouble with it as folks over at amazon reported they were having. and that Toshiba unit I have, which consumer Reports rated as a tie with another unit for the best for price, I'm lucky it even played!
Whats a poor boy to do..??? I want to watch DVDs, not Vhs. simple.
to be continued

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