Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Mo Jo Jojo says " HAPPY FATHERS DAY" Pops..

You know when the mean monkey said it, he means it. So have a happy.
Saturday was spent watching the scooter the cat to see if he was sick. he apparently isn't.  I found the tooth in his drinking dish. Something else to be concerned about. "If it aint one thing...."
But today is Father's Day. Now, I've never been married ( none of the gals were lucky enough i guess) so no kids to give me Expensive presents or Carribean cruise or what not.  Well, i did get "what not" from the cat. he's been cuddling up to me a lot over the last few weeks. ah, nothing like a furry, fuzzy cat on a 90 plus day.  I live for days like this.

ok, I'm off

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