Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

busy,busy Friday.

I started by walking up to the gas station to get $1.50 worth of petrol. That should last the rest of the year. I had to ask the attendent to get the gas for me, since my cane wouldn't be too usefull filling a gas can. Had to buy new gas can, since it was too much work to carry the old one up there. it was over 88 degrees by 10:40AM yesterday. I stopped before getting the gas to have a morning cup of coffee at the B.K..
Then got home and only had to sit on one firehydren.  Last weeks cold snap really had an effect on my.
got home, called the Rich of D to plug in the loop AM antenna.  then we were going to have him start the mower if the battery hadn't been charged. It was. started on the first turn. yay.
i then spent from 1:30PM to 5:00PM mowing and taking care of the lawn. later tomorrow, the back yard.
Then last night, scooter the cat surprized me by loosing a tooth. scared the heck out of me. but found it this AM in the drinking dish.
maybe nothing else will happen this weekend.?

I"m off

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