Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

summer may not be here, but spring is finally in full swing.

Our Cherry blossoms have finally came out at the Meijers' Japanese garden. I do want to see that.
so today is do the laundry day and maybe pickup junk outdoors. maybe.  I took advantage of X-finity's premium channel fest by watching "Inside-out".  a grown up anime? kind of. so i'm almost up to date. I've watched "Frozen" and now this. hey, i'm on  a roll here.
maybe I'll watch "300".  If there is one thing i hate with a passion is when a network edits for contend, and time compress a movie. gads. I sometimes think i'm losing my mind. gee, this isn't the same movie i remember? I would often say to myself.  nope, it isn't. it's been changed so the network can push more advertising into the time slot.
oh well.  Enjoy the bright day.
I'm off

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