Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

aha, its Groovy Saturday.

Did you know I'm a flower child?  and somebody thought i was a weed so they pulled me out.  i can't win. Except for last night.  I had a dinner date with my neighbor. it was fun. i'm getting used to sitting in "FATBOY's" dinner on Friday night. nice weather too.  I came home and decided to watch "Captain America: Winter Soldier.  I actually watched the whole thing and didn't even stop it to make popcorn.
Now today, is rest my joints day. it's been a rough month with my arthritis. yuck.
But, the cat made it feel better. Cat's are like that. But, it has been a very productive week. cleaned up a whole parsel of stuff and threw it away. yay me.
so, why i do my happy dance, just because its Saturday,

I'm off

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