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Why, yes, I am. I thought you all knew "I am a legend in my own mind". I guess you forgot.  I'm here to remind you.
Well, that was a fun evening. I had Mr.Arthritis attack my right elbow, right shoulder, and, wait for it, my right wrist. YES. He scored a perfect 10. Good old arthritis. I'm telling you, this guy is too much.
So today is wondering where Cuppykate, processor went to?  I hope everything is ok with them. Gosh, you don't suppose they went and married their boyfriends????
I guess, I'll "Get back in the market",  dating i mean, or hug my kitty kat.  Scooter just gave me a dirty look. of course i was just kidding. I'll hug the kat. foolie with dating.  besides, all those cooties....
ok, i'm off