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cold, wintry Wednesday.

Wow, what a difference. 60 and now 39 and dropping. and snow and freezing rain. Followed by spring??
doubful. i think this is the winter of our spring. one cold snap after another till fall gets here.
Well Mr.Arthritis sure is visiting me this month. I've lost the use of my right arm, the arthritis is attacking the elbow and shoulder. yuck. Now, if it only lets up in a few days.....
Hey, surrprize: I've only hung up on two people since i got my Smarty-pants phone.  One, i had won a trip to the carribeian and the second one, was about selling me a funeral plot. YAY. i Knew i was going to add excitement to my life, but this was unexpected. i don't know if i can stand all of it.
Well, Tigerdirect is back, sort of. reduced, but back.  oh well. i geuss buying a DELL isn't the worse thing........
ok, time fo me to leave and pet the cat.
I'm off.