Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Inuyasha I miss watching dog demon boy

Happy "HOLY WEEK". it will end on Easter Sunday.  What a week.
of course, Mr.Weather is going to ease up, right.  RIght??  Nope. snow, rain and possibly freezing rain. Hey, it's MICHIGAN.  Well i greeted the first day of the week by having toast and oatmeal. yum.  and with this cold snap approaching, i think maybe chilli for tonight.
I spent last night watching "Red Garden". Tonight I might dig up 'Here, There, Then, Now". it's been so long since I saw it, if forgot the correct name.  I also had a night visitor of the Rich D type. gosh, i haven't seen him since before his car/van died. I think he lost weight. all that walking , you know.   I shared with the Rich how my roast turned out: 90 % 10 % actually means, 90 percent fat, 10 percent meat.  I do keep saying i'll try a different meat market and I'm going too.
well, time to mossey on.
I'm off

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