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Musings from a birthday boy.......

ah....I remember when... Gosh. I'm thinking back to the days when I had desires I wanted to reach. to dreams that could come true. To girls who I really liked a lot, except none of them, at that time, that is, could throw a baseball very far. ( actually, we used whiffle balls back then) comics were cool, but so was Captain Video's decoder ring. Andy Devine rode with Guy Madison ( i think that was the dude) and Sky King was a twin engine plane that always saved the day. thank goodness for penny! The neighborhood theater, where the owner, who liked kids, but couldn't have any with his wife, would always treat the whole audience of kids to candy specials. To all the Roger Corman movies that "Then" scared our pants off and now, " got us all" to laugh. To shock theater for bringing us all those other horrible horror flicks. Arthur Godfrey was on the radio, as was "The Green Hornet" and The Walt Disney hour. Duncan yo yos were our Sony Play stations back then and boy, were we ever good at it. We all loved to experiment with radio, to send secret codes to each other or try and listen to WLS or WGN. Friends were special, no matter what sex. you stood up for your friends, that was all to it. School was a magical place, where we were introduced to the magic of science, and the wonder of nature. The paintings we saw were formed in our minds by reading great books. Treasure Island, Moby Dick, yes, even Hamlet. Waiting for the next book order to arrive at the school was almost as exciting as Christmas vacation. ah.......
and all I wanted was to be either a scientist, and discover new things, or dig up old things, as a paleontologist. Do I have any regrets? hmmmm. yes, there were oodles, well, maybe not oodles, but a few, people I wish I would have told them I love them. I'm pretty sure they felt my feelings, cause thats the kind of person I am. ( thats why I was going to be a clinical psychologist)
But, here I am, at 10:00PM, on December 10th, I will turn 54. I never thought I'd make it...and I did make it.

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