Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

So here we are, all Trumped up... LOL.

Couldn't help that. what a crazy world we live in.  So today, windy, actually howling wind Wednesday, is roll the cart out day. Yay.   and, it also is a 3 month celebration: i've kept my un-new years resolution.  I paid all my bills. YAY. now thats big news. Winter is always a rough time for me, what with the increased gas bill and extra laundry due to pants being soggy from snow shoveling. oh, and the snow is coming back. It missed us. lonely i guess.
I'm going to look up a rescipe for "Hamburger" soup. My brother made it from some friend of his and i passed it on to another friend. I have this index box chock full of recipes. I'm getting antsy. i think i've picked out my new range. YAY.
so, back to dark, gloomy and windy weather Wednesday.  Did i mention the terrific lightening and thunder storm we had last night?  Twice! scared the cat and i was starting to wonder. The know it all weather man said he didn't think we would have sever weather last night.  He was wrong. It rained so hard i couldn't see across the street. oh well.
So here i go.
I'm off

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