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So much for "Daylight Savings time". It didn't save me one iota!  this is stupid.  My body is set for fall time, not this non-sense. i feel comfortable one hour earlier, not all this jumping junk.  ok, me and the cat slept into 10AM today. and on a Monday. thats what all this ranting is about.  how tired am I?  I dropped my medicine on the floor, i thought, so i spent a good half hour searching for the pill.  i don't know what it would do to a cat, but i don't want to find out either.  i gave up while i ate my breakfast of toast and oatmeal. ( drowned in maple syrup). Then i washed the dishes and presto. the pill had slid under the washing tub. ah. Now it's a great way to start a Monday. Yay.
ok, i'm wore out for the morning. nap time and i don't take time for naps.
I'm off