Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

you might try and watch "Devil Lady". if you can find it.

So much for "Daylight Savings time". It didn't save me one iota!  this is stupid.  My body is set for fall time, not this non-sense. i feel comfortable one hour earlier, not all this jumping junk.  ok, me and the cat slept into 10AM today. and on a Monday. thats what all this ranting is about.  how tired am I?  I dropped my medicine on the floor, i thought, so i spent a good half hour searching for the pill.  i don't know what it would do to a cat, but i don't want to find out either.  i gave up while i ate my breakfast of toast and oatmeal. ( drowned in maple syrup). Then i washed the dishes and presto. the pill had slid under the washing tub. ah. Now it's a great way to start a Monday. Yay.
ok, i'm wore out for the morning. nap time and i don't take time for naps.
I'm off

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