Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

It's a tad before the first day of spring. so here comes the snow?

Spent a relaxing Sunday, but it got my Leo LaPort's  "The Tech Guy" radio show interupted by the Detroit Tigers pre-pre-game game. Nuts. Then something called "Ground Zero" came on. Wow.  Radio sure has changed.
Today i have to do the club minutes. Nuts again. I was hoping folks would forget. Nada. oh well. Great news yesterday. My neighbor asked me to go with her up to Walgreens and I went along. just on the chance that they might have the rubber tip for my grampa's cane. They did! Wow. they did and my local pharamcy didn't!  A Good Day.
 So today, as i watch and hear the ice and snow melt, I'll go and do the minutes. sigh.
Ok, I'm off

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