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and then, we have get ready for spring and summer and fall and snow......it's an non-ending cycle.  Well the cat and I both chose to sleep in. Why not. it's a Sunday after all.  Ate my nutricious breakfast of toast and oat meal. kind of yum. my eyes weren't completely open yet. and read the Sunday paper. Wow, half of it was ad's. So after cudling with the cat, i got busy doing this blog.
Man, i wonder if people actually blog any more? we're sure missing oodles of folks from this blog.
i miss them too. they were like an extended family, from all over the world.
Today is type up the minutes from the club meeting. yikes.  That should keep me busy for an hour or so.
Well, i guess it's time to wake up and have that second cup of java. YAY. Now i can really wake up and i'll get a good idea of what i'm doing!
I'm off