Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

It's Magbutterfly's Birthday.

So, Friday was one busy day. I was so tired, almost fell asleep at the club meeting. ( I saw one guy nodding off!)  But, everything seemed to be okay dokay.  did laundry, shoveled the driveway a lot more. (A lot of good that did-it started snowing around 11pm and it is still going strong now) and then groceries.   after the meeting, we usually go out to get dinner. usually, it's Hannen's Chinese restrurant. yum. I'm partial to pork or chicken and rice myself.  Got home, snuggled with the cat and then the snow started falling.  I have nothing to do this weekend, with the exception of shoveling snow, if i chose to do so. it will all be gone by Monday.   So my question is, if the local meterologists can't make a dependable forecast for 10 hours, what about the monthly forecasts they try to make??  what has changed to effect their forecasting programs?  something to ponder over the weekend.
as for me, I'm hunting for web creation software. YAY ME. and good luck. seems like everybody has abandoned web sites in favore of smartphone sites.  oh joy.
ok, i'm off

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