Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Well, now they've done it! "MOJO JO JO" is upset! I hope the TV People are happy!

He wants to know why 1. He isn't being shown on TV anymore and 2. what is all this pen and pencil toons he'd been watching?  It's not funny.  Not like when he'd go after Buttercup or Blossom . Let's no evil plans being thought up!  And they call this Cartoons?
Well, I for one, am glad that non-sense that happened yesterday is over with. now just a few more states and we can all take a much deserved breather before November. Then it all starts up again.  I think we need master Roshi  to help out there.
of course, only a very few of you know I'm referring to "The Power Puff Girls" and Dragonball Z.  See how isolated you've become with all this poliltcal junk.
The cat has a hurt paw. The vet will be called.
Read the Sunday paper and saw where our governor is blaiming everybody else for the crisis.  and all to save a buck!
ok, time to wake up.
I'm off

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