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preferably on the dinning room table, during a meal!  YAY US. So today is once again, grocery day and once again I'm locked on what to get for the old pantry.....it's heck when your dietary needs change. Things I loved before just don't seem that interesting to me anymore.  Now, my memory tells me onions and liver is yummy, but I haven't had that in over 20 years! Wow, when you reach a certain age, the years speed by.  but the bills, just keep on coming, slowly, ever so slowly.
Spring is coming to us today. 40 degrees warmer than it was this past Monday morning.
So, i guess i should be getting my list of stuff I don't know if i want or not, ready for grocery day.
Have a great weekend. Do a lot of Happy Dances. it is, TGIF.
I'm off