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Happy Tuesday??

Why the heck am i so darn cheerful every morning??  I like to pull the covers over my head and dream of sweet nolhings. Not have meow kitty sing to me to get up. then i get blasted with the cold stark reality's of the day and world.  I wonder if they are still selling tickets to "Never-Never" land??
So this day I have finally got in touch with Yahoo_Small business web site hosting. Yay. now i wait. AAbco seems to have bough them. So, i went all the way to the land under, ( Melbourn IT) and they helped me and gave me Yahoo's address. Yay.
But today is to keep searching to cabinets and stuff.  partical board, staples instead of screws and nails. and the price increased??
also clean up the kitty's potty. Yay me. what a fun adventurous day i have planned.
Ok, i'm off


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Feb. 17th, 2016 01:14 pm (UTC)
you should be happy for being cheerful...
I'm just dead tired whenever I wake up.. which could be because I hardly sleep enough, or I sleep too long.. there seems to be no middle ground..
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