Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"Ash Wednesday!" I got ashed! Did you?

I almost forgot what follows fat Tuesday, but remembered in time to get ashed. But oh, 18 degrees is sure a lot way from 40! and in the morning too. But it's done and Now I get to decide what I'll give up for Lent. my Priest would say, what good are you going to do for Lent.
Interesting. I think he has it right. of course giving up some sinful thing is always a good thing to do.  Time to ponder ones life and what your doing in it.
So as the artic front moves ever so slowly this way, I have to roll out the recycle and garbage carts. oh what fun this will be. I'll freeze!!!!!  Send hot water bottles now!
So, now it's back to designing "stuff" for the old radio club. "It's a fun job and somebody has to do it!". I do love getting my mind working on what works and what doesn't. of course, in the end, it is my creation, but i always adjust to the customers wishes.
ok, time to go.

I'm off

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