Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Happy Wednesday. Here comes old man winter

and how. I can't believe I was hiding with the scared cat last night over lightening flashes and thunder to end all thunder! But we were. Rain, wind and all the above. on February 2nd too.  So today i wake up to fog and freezing temps???  but remember, there isn't global warming. ok.
For a nutrious breakfast today, I greeted the morning with toast, covered with jam and cat hair. yum!
i can't wait till dinner time.   soup ala paw hairs?
busy week. change inkjet cart, sign for gizmo and don't forget design the paper stuff for the club.  AH.  it's good to be busy.  not like the snoozing cat.  who wants a life where you can jump up on your pals lap whenever you want to and go to sleep and be scartched till you fall asleep? Thats no life. unless your the cat.
I'm out of here

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