Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

I've picked Rossi to be my Election guild. He knows all.

Have you ever been glad that the week is almost over with?  I am.  my professor of Philosophy, Tom Cunningham passed away at 88.  He was such a joy to hear his lectures on the difference philosophical treaties. What a joy.
Of course, we have the disaster going on in Michigan at Flint. The republican appointment emergency manager wanted to save 1 to 2 million dollars, by hitching up to the Flint river for drinking water.  1 to 2 million dollars!!
Let that sit in for a while.
To day is grocery day and i hae office stuff to get. a legal pad or note book. a fashlight and don't forget the prescription at the drug store.  at least i did attempt to shovel the ice off the drive way. No go. I'll need de-icer for that.
As Seawasp so fittingly put it earlier this week, 2016 is not turning out to be a very nice year. sad for so many people.
i'm off

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