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A little different question....

Some of the other LJ's have been allowing anyone to post any comment they want, anonymously. Well, I kind of modified that....

"Where were you on November 22, 1963?".

Me? I was in Home Economics, sewing an apron, that we had to make for the first grading period. Some of the students fathers objected to their sons learning a "Girly" skill.
I had just left Mr.Voets Phy ed class, where we had just learned that if we run around and around in circles till we almost dropped, we might just been able to throw up. Yeah. another great moment for education ( I always wondered why we had to wear jock straps, I still do!!). I remember hearing the sound system come on and radio broadcast was saying something, I think it might have been Walter Cronkite. Something about the president being rushed to a hospital and then, a silence, followed by those words that changed everything, President John Kennedy is dead. Everyone in our class started crying. everyone. There was no shame that day.

The link below will show you oodles of events that have occurred on November 22th.

What other events have happened on November 22th

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