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What a week........
First things first. I'm putting on hold trying out the new medicin from the dr.: it seems the drug company states a stern warning about taking this drug if you have edema. Which I do have and it is in my face too!
" I'm not a Doctor, but I play one on TV" oh well..
I just finished installing the software I got my best friend for Christmas 2 years ago. It seems this $80.00 software title won't work on any faster CD drive and the upgrade is $69.00. What a rip off. I think the software is really useful, but hey, give me a break.
So, I'm installing on my system while he went out and got himself a newer version.
Which brings me to WINDOWS XP. Don't even waste your time on it. It is a improvement, but Windows 2000 cost less and doesn't contain that new product turn on thing. That goofy gizmo could spell the doom for a otherwise greatly improved OS.
( XP, nuts, Windows 2000 dressed up and ready to go on LAN"S)
Oh well.
I worry about my dog, yogi. a beautiful Samoyed rescue pooch. He is getting very old right in front of my eyes and has a bad case of arthritis too. This past spring, he could jump and run, today during our walk, the wind blew him over.
Tomorrow we get a pumpkin. Yeah... and candy too. Wow, this is almost like Christmas.
Well, its 2:56am time for me to try and get Yogi to come inside.

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