Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Hey, it's spring over here......again.

Wow, two days ago it was 14 degrees and now it's 40.  Make your mind up.  Oh and as a public service, this is the abbreviated story from last nights debate: bhah, bhah, bhah. keep going for 80 minutes.
There, now you know most of it.
 I will be having my new TV stand put together in a while. it's nice. not enclosed, but open so i can dust it. YAY ME. But looking at the extended forecast, i know the house will be completely closed again till spring: another artic front is about to move this way.  I guess it's time to shovel the drive way while i can,huh.
The snow plows went around and around and around my block last night. I'm stuck in really good. another reason to shovel the drive.
ok. i guess i should end this and get to work. even scooter the cat is meowing me to get with it.

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