Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

wow, a good old fashioned winter storm, with blowing snow and freezing temps.

YAY. we did something right.  But, not all is good. we have rain and much warmer temps in the forecast for Thursday???
and yet, not one of these pretend meterologists talk about this incredible phenominom.  I wonder what their degree is in, certainly not meterologist.
but, we have look out Tuesday: lookout for the big brown truck with my 10 year gift. ( Thats how long it should last me). and, of course, shovel the walks and porch. at 4AM , i saw a cold kitty munching food on the porch. but he just doesn't trust humans enough to come inside the house. I wonder what they have done to him??
So, time to drink my yummy morning coffee and really think about having spagettie for dinner tonight. Yay me.
Ok, I'm off.

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