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ah, Winter 2016. Yay. it's finally here.

and how. the temp is half what it was yesterday. The wind is howling just like it should and the snow is blowing all over the place. ah, a dream come true.

but oh, it is going to get cold.

good thing I have a hot water bottle cat, huh.

so today, being Sunday, I've had my first cup of yummy coffee and now am on my 2nd. That's how yummy coffee works. you can't just have one cup. my arthritis is changing, again. Yet.
I finally wrote up Friday nights club meeting minutes and now waiting to hear from the editors. and waiting and waiting.
But, today is pleasant Sunday. hold the warm cat and dream of dancing snowmen......and reindeer?

I'm finally off..


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Jan. 10th, 2016 10:47 pm (UTC)
Meanwhile here it was hitting 60 and we got thunderstorms and an epic rainbow.
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