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"Of mice or Cats?" That is now the question.....

Guess who's visiting us now??? Felix and Mickey. Yeah....Except this mickey is starting to destroy things and food and poor felix is wet, skittish and scared of people. "Whats a poor boy to do?"
Why get rid of Mickey and buy cat food and put some out for him ( actually, its a her) at night. Should I put out water or milk???
Heres the story. I went to check on the weather about 3AM after watching "Dream Catcher" on TV. Good movie. I opened the front door and heard a noise as something jumped off of the office chair I have on our front porch. I saw a blur of white and then, half way into the street, it stopped. It was this skinny white cat that we've been trying to feed and take care of all summer long. I tried to entice it back onto the dry and sheltered porch, but it just kept looking at me. Some times I wonder about people who get animals and then just let them wander about. But this cat has been following the other cats who my neighbor lady has been feeding all summer long. I've learned the hard way, do not start feed stray animals unless you really want to be responsible for them. Back in August, I bet there were no fewer than 6 cats coming over to her front door looking for a meal. It was sad to watch. first, the largest cat would come over and my neighbor would crack open the screen door and put a handful of dry cat food down on her steps. He would eat, walk around for a while then take off. Not 5 minutes would pass before another cat showed up and repeated the whole show. finally, this little skinny white cat would ever so cautiously poke her head out of the bushes and walk towards the steps looking for any stray bits of food the other cats had left. So now, I'm going to sit out a bowl of dry cat food and a dish of water. Who knows,If the cats really nice to me, I'll think about putting out a wine list???

Back to reality. Now I have to make time to publish our club's newsletter, create a design of our clubs logo, and finally finish up reading the IRS's document on tax exempt status for the new club I'm starting up.
yeah......go ancientone go...

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