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But, money stops me. sigh. But planning will make it so. So today I'm getting ready for the Huge artic front to move in this coming Monday. yikes. Three dog night? or a 5 cat day? it's going to be cold. High near 18. Sorry for the interruption: Cat on Lap.
So my resolutions for 2016 is to 1. try Dragons age. as recommended by Yuri. 2. seriously think about "FALLOUT 4". but wow, buying a ps4 just for a game? it's happened before, not to me, but to others. 3. seriously plan on the updating the old house. gads, now that's a lot of work. I think I'll start in the kitchen and see what happens.

So, I think I'll go and start a nice Saturday wash. yay me. how better to greet the New Years than by washing clothes.

I'm off