Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Doesn't seem like 2016 is almost here.

The cat and I slept in. YES! Finally. I guess shoveling snow and ice and rolling carts will do that. Watched my NY Ranger beat the snot out of STL. YES again. and of course tonight, just a ball drops, not a hockey puck. nuts!

This has something to do with "New Years Eve". You know, you get drunk, act jiggery, only to get either sick to your stomach, or have the worlds worse headache in the morning.

But its only once a year. I did end the year off right: I paid all my property taxes and paid off all of my credit cards. I also started looking for appliances and may have found a nice selection. But I need to find my tape measure. it's around here somewhere.

So for my excitement on New Years Eve, I'm going to mount the Carbon dioxide detector. Oh what fun. "Do you want me to take video of that??"

Be safe.

I'm off

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