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Yeah.....I'm going to lose weight, and I change my icon to this...

Stupid. There, I said it. Now I feel better.
My Microsoft Trackball mousey, died..Again...YET. one year ago I ordered mister MS Trackball, and it died around April or May. Microsoft, bless them, Fed exed me a brand new one. Yeah.... Guess what died Sunday night, ????
Man, this gets old real quick. So I ordered an IBM trackball only to find out it is backordered till the "stars burn out."
oh well..I just ordered a cheap, 5 button GE mousey. I'll cross my mouse tail that it will last me longer than 8 months. it better.
Later today, in about 11 hours, I get a bone density exam to determine how my calcium is. yahooo.....
and now it is foggy outside and whine whine whine.
I'm going to bed.

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