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just an idea. But if we want any snow on the ground, we will have to hurry. it may be all gone by noon tomorrow.

For some reason, I seem to have lost a day, or should I say, I'm a day behind? But I was already thinking this was Sunday. well, its not. I think because we slept in so late yesterday I thought it was Saturday. Today, the cat got me up in time.

I did watch a Netflix movie Thursday night: Dark Star. H.R.Giger. wow, what a creative genius. I know he had a special ability in designing art, but this.... if you search H.R. Giger, you may find the mans work. They call his work "Bio-mechanical", but it is so much more. It is also some of the scariest stuff you'll ever see. ( for those not familiar with his achievements, he's the artist who created the monster in the movie "ALIEN")

So on this sunny, 23 degree Saturday, I'm going to read my newspapers ( all foreign ) and just vegie out.

I'm off ( in more ways than one)