Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Yes, I reinstalled Mr.Bumpy as my icon.

That's because I'm planning on viewing one of his DVD's on my birthday ( hint hint hint). Man, I missed watching the little green guy. sure could use him now days.
Well, the best laid pal never showed up. I waited, fell asleep in the chair waiting for him, talked with the Lawers' secretary and assistance, while they tried to find my file. found it myself. talked with the loan person and all were willing to fax my file over to the credit union. No, I had made plans with another and I didn't want to go against that plan. 11pm he called. he had forgotten.
addendum: my other pal called and we just got back from the 14 minute trip. I think, for peace of mind, I'm going to get a fax machine.

ok, I'm off

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