Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

dreary Monday. YAY.

overcast, cool, damp. feels like late March.

Well, had company from my pal last night: he said he didn't have a "MAN CAVE" and might make my house his cave. "What exactly is a "Man Cave?""
I have no idea. But I have decided to watch "Bump in the night" On my birthday along with the last episode of TMNT. It just came out on DVD last week. it's actually not the last episode, just the last one that takes place here on earth. spoiler non-alert.

I tried an experiment last night. I, along with my pal. watched the President of the US of A make his speech and then I turned to Fox and Msnbc to see what the remarks would be like.

stupid thing for me to do, huh. I have now more reasons to not watch the fake news network and absolutely more reasons never to vote republican again. ever!

ok, enough non-sense.

Today is get my attorney's secretary and her assistant to go into their dusty basement looking for a file I had in my hand. they didn't think they had mailed it to me. they did.
So now I wait and see what the world brings.

I'm off

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