Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Ho Ho HO.

I put the tree up. or should I say the Christmas branch. it's on the front porch, greeting people as they walk by the house. Ho Ho Ho.
I'm thinking of getting reindeer antlers things, so I can wear them when I'm awake! Just the antlers, no reindeer suit. the knuckleheads around here my mistake me for bambi. (Or thumper?)

So, on this special SUnday, the 2nd week in Advent, I'm watching the fog slowly burn off. Yes, I said fog. on December 6th.
I guess I should be starting a Christmas list. So, "Have you all been good boys or girls this past year?". and what is your favorite color??

Well, finally, after 4 days, I finally got through "The Legend of Korra". Books 1 through 4. wow. I thought it would never end. From humble beginnings. Now, if only they would bring back Mr.BUmpy...

ok, I hear the cat calling me.

I'm off
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