Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

So, an APPLE a day.......

maybe keeps the bugs away, but wow, what a price tag! I thought I'd check out the prices on the new laptop before everything goes to smarty-pants phones. Wow, 1200.00 for a lap top? I don't really think so. but, I haven't tried my neighbors new Mac Air, so I'll hold off any judgment on it till I do. Funny, a laptop can cost as low as 1/3 the price of a smart phone.

oh, Welcome to the very first day of December. YAY. can the sounds of reindeer hoofs be far away? if this weather keeps dumping 50 degree weather with rain, yes, it may be quite a while till santa gets here.

on the hooray news front. I found a place that sells "BUmp in the Night!" and very reasonable prices too. DZplacehouse. this is going to be a kick to watch. Right now, I'm finally watching "The Legend of Korra" Books 1 through 4.

so, I better get going. I'm supposed to be enjoying my "Full entitlement retirement". The Golden years are here......

I'm off

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