Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

yup. The little green guy is coming to dinner tomorrow.

of course, I don't know how many socks I have for him.

and right now, the sun is out and it is 43 degrees. Goodbye snow, hello rain. I hope this isn't a precursor of things to come.

another year comes along and no reason to participate in "Black Friday". Except to remember that it was Fredricks Meijer's favorite day of the year, and also the day he passed away.

We have a new critter to feed. a kind of small cat, but oh boy, is he ever fast! I think he must have moved in with our new neighbors. so why is he eating over here?? and eating he is.

Thanksgiving eve was always special. the pies baking in the oven, the aroma coming from everything and of course, "the Great Race " on WGN. I know I mentioned that before, but it kind of sticks in my memory for some reason. like Christmas eve, and you stay up trying to catch Santa Claus coming to your house. ( only now, Santa Claus drives a brown truck with the initials U.P.S. on the side - united polar Santa)

ok, time to cradle the kitty.

I'm off

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