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I can't help it. I was surfing the net, and found this "Take out" store in Asia. I forget the name of the place, but this was one of the dishes. yum......
Very productive day. Had several visitors, which kept me from vacuuming the lawns. They left, made a deposit at the bank. Now why do I do that? I mean, its spent before it got deposited???? Then went out in 36 degree weather, was hoping the lawn mower wouldn't start but with my luck, it did. So 4 tanks of gas , and 2 huge trash bins later, I was done. Wow, it did look better. But my neighbor was out visiting the casinos. Then put the lawn mower away till later today and cleaned up the old house. Took a bath and discovered where the other bag of leaves had gotten too: all under me. yuck.
Busy busy busy and by golly, got oodles done too. about time.
The exercise was great too. this is the first time I've been able to push that over weight, over powered, front wheel drive lawn mower for more than half an hour without stopping. Gosh, its heavy. Tomorrow is supposed to be computer day. Got to get some graphics done for the club(s) and other stuff. Maybe even resign from one of them......
so, one week ago, Halloween, and now.....3 and a half weeks till turkey day....gobble gobble???

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