Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Happy last, for real, day of fall 2015.

The icon above is from "Avanon", but that's how its going to be today over here. 60 degrees by noon, and then the bottom falls out. we'll have a high over the weekend of 34 degrees- with snow. YAY US.

But yesterday was Happy Tuesday. I got a hair cut. My barber retired so I had to search for a new one. that's hard to do when one has had the same barber for over 45 years. for some reason, I Equated getting a hair cut with getting a shot from the Dr. ouch! I remember both the barber and my mom trying to soothe me, to no end. Didn't work. You can't fool a kid!

But, he's retired and now I'm going to "Jude's " hair salon. I can't believe how much my hair grew in just 6 months. and all the wrong color. My beautiful jet black hair. gone. must be either something I ate or......old age????

oh the horror....

ok, I'm off

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